Pet Owner

North Wales is both a walker and dog owner’s paradise.  But we need dog owners to be responsible for their dogs at all times.

We must be made fully aware of all pets, ages and breeds to quote.

We charge the same for all break lengths, £20 to £50 (flat fee), and this price depends on age and breed.

We do not accept large breeds, moulting types, noisy or snappy dogs, or dogs under 1 year old.  All dogs must be fully house trained.


We have had budgies to rabbits over the years, but for these you need to contact us to discuss.

Dogs are not allowed in the bedrooms or on the furnishings.

Planning will not allow fencing onsite, so all dogs must be suitably restrained at all times from wandering.  Milk Wood has an enclosed deck section at the rear, with a gate.  Milk Wood Bach does have fencing in the paving stone section of the rear garden, only.  Wnion Wood is suitable for two small dogs and please note at Wnion, there is no lawn area.

Dogs must be fully cleaned up after on the property or anywhere on the site.  No dog should be allowed to venture onto other people properties, and must be on a lead on the site grounds or on the road.