I have been operating Milk Wood Lodges since 2009 and have visitor books in each of the 3 lodges. Full of praise. This is a new website and due to data protection I feel it would be in contravention of these laws to post myself their direct comments. So, for the time being, I will post a synopsis of their general comments:  Cabins much larger in size than they thought. Very well equipped for a holiday lodge, and very comfy throughout. Very quiet area. Walker's, dog owner's, nature lover's, also a biker's paradise. Just so much to see. I wish I had booked a week.  Love it, I will be back.  I DO NOT WANT TO GO HOME.

Steam trains. Mountains, hills, beaches, all contained in a microcosm. That's my word (microcosm) and why I moved here to live in 2001, an amazing world on our door step.   

- Milk Wood Lodges