We have had restrictions in the past stating that the properties are not suitable for children under 6 except babies.  There were 3 primary reasons for this, Hot Tubs, heating system and wood burner.

Please note the Hot Tub must not be used as a climbing frame or children under the age of 8 years old.

The heating is electric night storage heaters and in the winter they run hot and should not be touched. Spring, summer and autumn they are running at lower temperature, so not so much of a problem.

The wood burner is more of a concern and I would ask guests with young children not to use it until the children are in bed and safe.  Wood burners run at very high temperatures and if a child touched it or fell against it, they could be seriously burned.

One other note would be that the front and rear steps are quite high for smaller children and care should be taken.

One other problem from the past is all the walls are wood, and colouring pen marks are impossible to remove.